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The Unusual Suspects Theater Company

The Unusual Suspects provides playwriting and theater performance workshops in schools, juvenile detention centers, and communities across Los Angeles. Volunteers can be mentors, office volunteers, photographers, or play readers.

Location: Across Los Angeles

Time Commitment: At least 4 hours of your time or serve once a week for a series of 10 weeks

Requirements: Pass a background check and a TB test

Application: To be a Volunteer Mentor, go to To apply to volunteer in other ways, contact US program manager at

Arts & Creativity for Healing

Hosts art workshops that helps those dealing with stress, grief, loss, etc. Promotes expression of feeling through art.

Date: Volunteers must go to one of the 4 orientations held annually. The ones left for 2020 are on July 5th and October 4th.

Location: 23011 Moulton Pkwy, Ste I-5, Laguna Hills 92653

Time Commitment: Workshops are 3 hours

Application: Contact them directly if you want to volunteer. Here is the link-

Project Gutenberg

Brief Description: Volunteer in the Digital Library. Sort authors by last name. Help with URL (https://), sort books into categories ( classic, picture, fiction, non-fiction).

Date: Join anytime. Quit anytime.

Contact Information: Email:

Postal Mail: Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation

809 North 1500 West

Salt Lake City, UT 84116


Facebook: @project.gutenberg

Time-Commitment: Flexible. You get to decide from what time to what time you want to do it.

Age Requirement: ?

Scholar's Circle

Brief Description: Scholar’s Circle is a program that strives to lessen the financial burden on LCS families by providing students with free academic resources (i.e. tutoring and mentoring) to succeed. Larchmont students will be receiving academic guidance from their own Larchmont community. Students will receive a sense of safety, support, and build strong relationships from the comfort of their homes.

Sign-Up Forms: To Be Tutored, To Be A Tutor

Contact Information:

Time-Commitment: 10 hours mandatory (for tutors; will receive an exclusive Scholar's Circle t-shirt after their 10 hours)

Age Requirement: Students from 2nd grade to 12th grade can receive tutoring. Tutors must at least be in the 9th grade.

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