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Marc Luzuriaga


President of the TimberwolveService Team




Business Economics

Marc Luzuriaga founded TimberwolveService in 2020 during his junior year at Larchmont Charter High School (LCS). TimberwolveService's mission is to empower LCS Student Organizations to connect with the LCS community. He has previously served as co-chair of leadership's service committee during the school year 2020-2021 and has worked on the early developments of the platform. During his senior year, Marc established the TimberwolveService team and also launched the TimberwolveService Partners Initiative to help LCS student organizers to connect with LCS students. Marc coded, designed, and developed the digital method of recording volunteer hours under the TimberwolveService site. He is currently Co-President of The LCS Luzuriaga Foundation and Vice-President of LCS Key Club.

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