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2022-2023 LCS Key Club Member Application

READ ME: Thank you for your interest in joining Larchmont Charter Key Club for the 2022-23 term! Key Club's main goal is to encourage leadership by serving others. As Key Club's motto is, "Caring-Our Way of Life." This is NOT a club that occurs during school hours. We meet AFTER SCHOOL. This is your chance to earn many VOLUNTEER HOURS!

MEETING UPDATE: meetings will be held only when needed! We will ask for all members feedback with what day of the week is best for all of you to show up. There will be no consistent day. This change was made, so it does not interfere with your other activities!



If you have any questions, please email

Instagram: @larchmontcharterkeyclub
Club Advisor: Mr. Tam 
President: Marjorie Luzuriaga
Vice President: Cole Fees
Secretary: Yunju Park  
Treasurer: Finnegan Wallace
Historian: Elisa Heo
Editor: Jae In Kim

Webmaster: Shahid Tasbih

**VERY IMPORTANT: THIS APPLICATION DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY SAVE, and we recommend you to write your application on a separate document first. Once you are finished with the application, please press submit.**

Member LCS Key Club Information

Pick THREE days you are free to attend Key Club events/meetings.

Parents of LCS Key Club Information

By providing your parent/guardian's information below, your parent/guardian will receive monthly email updates of LCS Key Club events. 

Why Key Club?

Please answer the following questions in complete sentences.

Terms and Agreements

Please carefully read ALL terms and agreements. 

1. (Student Signature) "If I am accepted as a key Club member, I understand that I must pay a member fee of $12. I understand failure to pay the membership fee will result in termination of my key club membership."


The money will go towards your yearly membership and other service projects associated with key club. If you are under financial difficulty, please state so below as you will receive a reduced fee.

3. (Student Signature) "If I am accepted as a Key Club member, I understand that all service events and meetings are considered mandatory. If I miss 3+ service events/meetings without a valid reason, I understand that I will be considered a NOT ACTIVE member and my membership will be terminated."

We will be strict on attendance.

4. Please read the following behavior expectations you are expected to follow at all key club events/meetings from Mr. Tam:


  • Do not do anything that puts yourself or others at risk.

  • Respect other people and properties.

  • Do not wander off the event area.

  • Report to an adult or key club leader immediately if you run into any problem.

  • Follow directions from teachers and other adults.


If you choose to misbehave, we will contact your parents/guardian, and you will be asked to leave LCS Key Club.


Please sign below that you understand the above behavior expectations.

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