How to Record Volunteer Hours

1. Open the google form above and fill out the following for verification: Email, Larchmont Student ID, Last Name, First Name, and Graduation Year.

2. Next, choose the record type you would like to record. There are two types of records: Event/Volunteer Record and Reporting Total Time Volunteered. Select the Event/Volunteer Record option if you are reporting a specific record from your volunteer sheet. Select the second option if you are reporting the total time volunteered across multiple records. 

3. Fill out the record on the form.

4. Finally, please upload a community volunteer service record sheet with the initials of the contact person as verification of the record.

5. Submit!

The following is a record sheet for your community service hours.

If you plan to digitally record your hours go to File → Make a copy.

Record the Date, Start Time, End Time, Number of Hours, Brief Description of the Activity, Contact Person/Organization, and Initials.

If you plan to officially record volunteer hours, copy and paste the details in the record sheet to the form and upload the document as verification

@2020-Present Larchmont Charter School Leadership Service Committee.