2021 Virtual Dance Showcase

2021 Virtual Dance Showcase

Event Description:

This showcase will highlight multiple grade levels dancing to different genres and styles like K-pop, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Musical Theater, and the Charleston. There'll be a mix of small groups, solos, and finally an elementary + middle school + high school group dance! Everyone and anyone is invited to watch!

Purpose of Event:

The organizers of this showcase created this event to spread the art of dance in our Larchmont community along with showing the importance of dance and the arts! They want to promote Larchmont's dance department while uniting dancers from ages 5-18 through art education. They hope this show inspires joy, a sense of community, and a newfound appreciation for dance.

Date & Time:

March 18, 2021 @ 5:00 pm

Contact Information:


Anna Gagliardo(teacher) - anna.gagliardo@larchmontcharter.org


YT Live: Coming Soon!