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Los Angeles County Community And Senior Services - Florence - Firestone Service Center


Florence/Firestone Community Center is a multi-purpose facility designed to provide comprehensive human services to residents of the Los Angeles County in partnership with communities, businesses, and public and private agencies. The following programs and services offered at the center include but not limited to: case management, information and referral, completion of forms, interpretation, advocacy, consumer education, job referrals, elderly care services, emergency food assistance, mediation and conflict resolution, transportation assistance, utility assistance and assistance with housing applications online.

Address 1:

7807 Compton Ave


Los Angeles

Zip Code:



Monday through Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm.


Service/Intake (323) 846-1895, GAF/EAF Program Service/Intake (323) 586-6502, FAX (323) 582-4071, Service/Intake (323) 586-6502

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